Method Man Concert in Toronto

My favourite man in the entire world is coming to to Toronto this coming January. Tickets have just recently gone on sale and you can buy them on Ticket Master for just $35.00. I honestly have so much love for this man, and when I saw him preform last year it was incredible. Method Man never delivers a less than perfect performance, so I encourage you to get a ticket and come check it out!!

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So for anyone who lives in Toronto and considers themselves a fashionista I have a store to recommend! The Store on Queen (or TSOQ as many people call it) is a store that opened up this past summer on Queen st. West. It is run by two ladies, Valentina (fashion Buyer) and Angela (designer) who have basically selected their favourites and put them into a store. The girls really give the boutique a unique vibe, and for beautiful finds I definitively recommend checking it out!!! I have posted the ink to their Facebook page below, all their information is there :)


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Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I am absolutely in love with the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Every year, its just so glamorous , so much fun, it’s my favourite over the top American show. I particularly love the make up they have every year. The girls always look natural and glowing, I mean it might have something to do with the fact that they are some of the most gorgeous ladies in the world, but the makeup helps. Anyways, I found a makeup tutorial on youtube yesterday that I really think captured the look. I’ve posted it below so feel free to check it out :)

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New Kendrick Lamar Video (Feat. Lady Gaga)

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Cheap Jewellery!

If you are like me and you hate spending lots of money on jewellery you’re only gonna wear once or twice, I have got the site for you. I found this site through pinterest and have been obsessed with it ever since. Basically it’s an online jewellery store where no item is priced at more than $10, and most in fact, are priced under $5. The site also provides free shipping for orders over $15, which is amazing! If you’re interested check out the link below:

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Disney Meets Haute Couture.

I stumbled upon this article today and found it fitting to the day of halloween (since many of us girls may have perhaps dressed up as famous princesses). Harrods has partnered with a few talented designers, Elie Saab, Marchesa and Oscar de la Renta to name a few, to launch a line of disney princess inspired gowns. To check out the sketches of some of the dresses, click on the link below.


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Martial Artisitik Clothing Pop Up Shop

Martial Artisitik Clothing is a Toronto based clothing line with a martial arts (art being the key word) theme. They will be hosting a pop up shop at The Bomb Shelter (166A Spadina Ave.) this Saturday October 19th, starting at noon. I have posted both the links to their Facebook event page as well as their website, so check it ouuuut.




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